Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

A White, Blank Room

A White, Blank Room
One day Mystery was sitting in a room wondering what he should do for the rest of the day. Then he decided to look at some riddles on the computer. They were way to hard for him. So he decided to make his own riddle. He looked up how to make a riddle. It said to look in a dictionary. He took the dictionary and scrolled through it. But somehow he never left his seat getting the dictionary. He was sitting in a blank white room with nothing in it except the desk and his computer. Still, he was scrolling and scrolling until he found a good word to use. — Scrolling –. He looked at the definition and wrote his riddle down. But he had no paper? He told his friends about his riddle and he asked them if they could solve it. But he didn’t have a phone? he then went on to play a board game with one of his friends while talking about the game and telling each other info about life. But he had no board game and no one else was in the room? Then he did his homework. But he had no folder, pencil, or paper.

How are all these occurrences possible?

Thank you Sid for your submission!

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3 guesses to A White, Blank Room

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  • Papageemun

    He used the Internet on his computer..duh

  • ndifreke Johnson

    A computer

  • Papageemun, you are the winner!
    He was using a computer