Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

I Rule the Ends of the Universe

Ends of the Universe
I rule the ends of the universe. I control its laws. I reign the galaxy. The start of space is the start of me. The end of the universe is the end of me. The name of my slaves bring mighty terror to you. The universe wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for me.

What am I?

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7 guesses to I Rule the Ends of the Universe

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  • Crabman

    I like Time, as suggested by Max. However, I’m prefer “physics” or “the laws of physics”. I’m having trouble with “The name of my slaves bring mighty terror to you.” We are all slaves to the laws of physics.

  • Neither of your answers start with Space. Hopefully that is enough clue.
    Keep Trying!

  • Matt, are today’s winner!

  • Crabman

    It’s just a riddle, and I’m perfectly fine not getting the answer, but as a scientist I say the riddle writer was confused. Science has not existed forever. Science is a human invention; it it the collection, examination and organization of knowledge. It can refer to this entire process or the body of knowledge itself.

    Physics is the science that underpins all others, from chemistry, biology, cosmology etc. Science is humans pursuit of this knowledge of the laws that govern our physical world, which is governed by physics. That is what always has and always will exist.

    Anyway, all good. I love science :)

  • SK.Aleem Pasha