Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Random Bottle

You have a bottle of random shape and you want to fill half of it with water.
You have available only a pump with unlimited water. Nothing else. How will you fill it?

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11 guesses to Random Bottle

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  • BobbyJoe

    you turn it at an angle so only half of it is filled! :)

  • Dude

    No BobbyJoe, because the bottle is of “random” shape, that method will not work.

    Keep trying.

  • Daniel Newell

    Break the bottle in half and than fill the half that has only one opening.

  • No, that’s not it. Keep trying.

  • Carl

    You don’t because it should be half filled.

  • Dude

    Nope, keep trying.

  • What kind of pump is it? Electric? Or hand-operated?

  • The pump is completely unnecessary to accomplish what needs to be done. The solution follows a scientific method. Keep thinking and try again! I hope my hint helps.

  • Alex

    If the flow of water from the pump is steady you measure the time required to fill the the whole container. Empty the container and then fill for half the time.

  • Everyone is getting close, but BobbyJoe is the closest yet.
    Answer: Partially fill the bottle and mark the water level. Invert the bottle and note the water level relative to the mark. Add/subtract water as necessary and repeat the steps until the water level is the same upright and inverted.