Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

A Couple of Cars

A Couple of Cars
Two vehicles are involved in a car accident. Two separate ambulances come to the accident and take the passengers of each car to the hospital. Four people are admitted to the hospital, one dies. The next day four people are released from the hospital.

How did this happen?

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6 guesses to A Couple of Cars

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  • Crabman

    One was a pregnant female who gave birth

  • Togram

    One woman gave birth in the hospital.
    I agree with you, Crabman……..

  • Howard

    The four people admitted to the hospital included a pregnant woman late in her last trimester. She gave birth to her baby. Any of the four admitted might die. The four discharged included the baby.

  • Craig

    The person that died in the car accident did not need to be admitted to the hospital. The four that were admitted were all released.

  • Trevor

    the dead person was still realesed with someone else for a funiral

  • Crabman is correct!
    One of the passengers gives birth while in the hospital