Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

A May Be Snared


If you break me,
I do not stop working.
If you touch me,
I may be snared.
If you lose me,
Nothing will matter.
What am I?

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7 guesses to A May Be Snared

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  • Sampreet

    An egg, an eye, or the letter e

  • Crabman

    If I break your heart, you’ll keep working. If I tough your heart I may snare you. If I lose your heart, something will be the matter, but I’m still guessing the answer is “heart.

    Lol @ Sampreet. Be nice :)

  • Jasmine

    A heart.

  • Sampreet

    @Crabman and @Dude
    My snarkiness is all meant in good fun. I really appreciate the time and effort it takes to keep this site going with new material.

  • brent

    I agree with you guys that this is a great site. If the riddle of the day is not a challenge, we can provide the next answer for or think up one to: Or submit a new riddle of our onw.

    Thanks a lot dude for keeping us thinking & entertained. I look forward to it every day.

  • Crabman, you are today’s winner!
    Thank you everyone for your gratitude. Crabman, Sampreet & Brent, if you would like to step up from contributor to fellow dude and donate some of your time, contact me. This site can grow if you want it to. I barely have the time most days, it could be better than it is today, and I am open to ideas & change.
    Answer: One’s heart.

  • Ah! I see.Well, here is how I got it:the first number is 1then comes 11and then 21, which means 1+1=2 and fonwolilg the pattern in which the numbers were arranged, I brought down the 1 from the first line.Then I as per your pattern the numbers are ‘1211 , then comes 3112, now I calculated the numbers ‘1211 this way: 2+1=3 and reversed the other numbers i.e. 112After that, as per the arrangement of the numbers i.e. 132112, then, I concluded that it is 1+3=4 and reversed the numbers 32112, that’s how I got 421123.