Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
July 2024

A Quiet Island Sits Alone Amidst Floating Debris

A Quiet Island Sits Alone Amidst Floating Debris
A quiet island sits alone amidst floating debris.

businessmen seal their lips and expand their infamy.

if only we could walk and talk in the calm blue of the sea.

a bridge of broken promises, and secrets told to me.

a softly muted autumn, solemn hoar-frosted pine-tree.

the tongues a useless muscle when tears interrupt a eulogy.

all words and sounds are mute right now, and shall forever be.

What am I?

Thank you Alex K. for your submission!

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4 guesses to A Quiet Island Sits Alone Amidst Floating Debris

  • Togram

    What comes to me is SILENCE.

    Besides that, Alex, it’s a beautiful poem. Did you write it ? Read it out loud…it’s even better.

  • Lloyd Lowe

    The receptacle for the body, an urn, casket or sepulcher.

  • Togram, you are the winner!
    The answer is Silence.
    The Key to this riddle is what is Missing. I wrote this poem around silent letters.Island and Debris have Silent SBusinessmen has a silent ICould, Walk, Talk, Calm have Silent LBridge has a silent EAutumn and Solemn have silent NMuscle has a silent CMute has a silent E