Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

A Riddle from Plato

A Riddle from PlatoThere is a story that a man and not a man
Saw and did not see a bird and not a bird
Perched on a branch and not a branch
And hit him and did not hit him with a rock and not a rock.

How is this possible?

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4 guesses to A Riddle from Plato

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  • Ella

    The man but not a man part means that the person is an eunuch
    The saw and did not see part means he had bad eyesight
    A bird that’s not a bird refers to a winged animal that isn’t a bird, so a bat

  • Dude

    You had so many aspects of your answer correct. There are just a few that you missed, but you are certainly today’s winner. Here is the answer Plato gave many years ago:

    A eunuch who did not see well saw a bat perched on a reed and threw a pumice stone at him which missed.

  • kevin

    A man who can see and a blind woman saw a bird on a branch and a squirrel on the tree. The bird hit the man with a rock and the squirrel threw an acorn at the woman, but missed.

  • Gerard O'Halloran