Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2023

A Room

A Room

You’re in a room with no windows, doors, or anything except 4 unbreakable walls surrounding you, an unbreakable ceiling, and an unbreakable floor. There is only a baseball bat and a ball.

How do you escape?

Thank you Nicholas for your submission!

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7 guesses to A Room

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  • Crabman

    Throw the ball at the wall to rebound back to you, and swing at it with the bat. Three strikes and you’re out.

  • Margot

    You play baseball with yourself: toss the ball up, swing and miss 4 times. Then you’re out.

  • Margot

    Oops…I was thinking of a walk on balls. Of course it’s three strikes. Same idea.

  • Crabman, you are today’s winner!
    Attempt to throw the ball up and hit but purposely miss 3 times. STRIKE ONE, TWO, THREE, YOU’RE OUT!

  • prince

    You just said unbreakable… How can the ball and the bat help you through….

  • Trevor

    you could take the bat and break the ball in half. put the halves together you get a whole. jump through and you’re out

  • Kashedul

    Beat your self with the beat