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Anagram Story

Originally published on April 16, 2011

Throw some anagrams around! In the sentences below, there are 10 jumbled phrases. Each is an anagram of a word or phrase that helps complete the story. Can you decipher all 10?

The kids were playing on the WET SIGNS, Uncle Frank and Jack from next door were playing a game of HOSS HEROES, and it was time for the grill. The THICK TRIO was lighted, and the TOAST PIE had been dusted off. Kristen, their teenager, was stretched out on the EAGLE CUSHION and talking on her CLONE HELP as usual. The RUM LABEL offered some shade, and it was time for the announcement: “NO HBO CONCERT!” This followed by PRESCRIBE MAD HUB and a genial reminder: TO CHOKE SKIES!


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2 guesses to Anagram Story

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  • MMG

    The Marilou’s grandkids were playing on the SWING SET, Uncle Kyle and Allan from next door were playing a game of HORSE SHOES, and it was time for the grill. TIKI TORCH was lighted, and the PATIO SET had been dusted off. Heather’s teenagers’, were stretched out on the CHAISE LONGUE and talking on their CELL PHONE as usual. the UMBRELLA offered some shade, and it was time for the announcement: CORN ON THE COB! This was followed by BARBECUED SHRIMP and a genial reminder: KISS THE COOK!!
    Source MY UNCLE&AUNT

  • Dude

    Correct MMG.

    You are today’s winner.