Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Around the World in a day

Two girls went Around the World to eat food from different countries.
They left at 8:00pm and returned 10:00pm that same day.
How is it possible?

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7 guesses to Around the World in a day

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  • Ch1cag0r0b

    The girls went counter-clockwise (i.e. in a westerly direction) around the globe by hypersonic jet, stopping at several countries along the way.

  • Dude

    No, that is not the answer that was given.

  • Anna

    Around the word it’s a restaurant

  • Dude

    Anna you are today’s winner! Congrats.

  • Ch1cag0r0b

    The way the riddle is written (missing the article “to”), the English language does not support the notion that Around the World is a restaurant. A minor technicality, but relevant in this case.

  • Dude

    Thank you Chicago Rob for your attention to detail. This riddle was sent to us from EQUANOX and thank you for your submission. We are glad to post riddles from our readers and encourage it.

  • Jayden

    They went to a restraunt called Around the world