Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Avoid Shark Bites

moatYou are surrounded by a 100 foot wide and 100 foot deep moat filled with killer sharks. You have a 40 foot tall ladder, matches, a gallon of water, and as much rope as you need.

How can you get across the moat and avoid shark bites?

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7 guesses to Avoid Shark Bites

  • anant

    I’d get out the way I got in!

  • Dude

    Sorry Anant, you have to get away from that castle in the distance that you woke up at. By getting in the moat you lost three of your best knights to the sharks. You were lucky to get out alive. Keep trying…

  • Drew

    Use the Drawbridge

  • Dude

    Sorry Drew, the darn drawbridge is broken and not long enough without the other side lowering its drawbridge as well. The answer is in your supplies. Keep trying.

  • CHase

    I have two solutions, both require only the rope.

    1. I would put rope into the water until the sharks no longer had room to swim, thus suffocating them. Then I would take a casual swim across the moat.

    2. I would put enough rope into the water to absorb the water and walk across the rope, like a boss.

  • Dude

    Chase, both of your answers are excellent and you have certainly solved this riddle. I would have made a bridge with the rope by filling the moat with it and simply walking across, but I enjoy both of your solutions. Chase is today’s winner!

  • rose

    throw the rope across and use it as I tight rope