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July 2024

Be the Ball

Originally published on May 24, 2010


Name the one word that is commonly used in the following eight sports?

Football, basketball, hockey, baseball, boxing, golf, fishing, and bowling.
Here’s a hint: It has a different meaning in each sport.


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4 guesses to Be the Ball

  • det

    tricky question? there are seven sports

  • Yes, In my zest for bringing you the very best brain-stumpers, it seems I counted boxing twice. The eighth sport is bowling. Good luck to you all!

  • Paul

    Football – a type of block, pass route or missed field goal
    basketball – type of shot
    hockey – tripping or holding a player with a stick
    baseball – a hook slide or giving a pitcher the hook
    boxing – type of punch
    golf – driving the ball to the left
    fishing – used with bait
    bowling – bend the ball into the pins

  • Dude

    Great job, Paul.

    Very intuitive!

    You’re today’s winner.