Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
July 2024

Bee Juice

Two trains are on the same track heading toward each other. They are traveling at 75 mpg. A trained bee, flies from the front bumper of one train to the front bumper of the other train. And as soon as it gets to the second train, without losing any time in reversing its decision, it turns around, reversing its direction…rather, it turns around and heads back to the first train. And it continues to do this flying back and forth and back and forth, back and forth and forth and back, and back and forth. The bee flies at 137 miles per hour and the trains are 75 miles apart. How many miles will the bee travel until they crash?

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2 guesses to Bee Juice

  • Julie

    68 and a half miles. The trains collide in 30 minutes (75 miles apart each traveling at 75 miles an hour) so the bee has 30 minutes to fly at its rate of 137 miles per hour – result 68 and a half miles before squished.

  • Dude

    You’re correct, Julie!
    It’s simple math and you nailed it.
    You’re today’s winner!!!