Bobby’s World

You are in a place called Bobby’s world and there is only one Law. There is a mirror, but no reflection. There is pizza with cheese, but not sausage. There is pepper, but no salt. There is a door, yet no entrance or exit. What is the law?

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  1. You nailed it, Chris.

    Everything in BoBBy’s world has double leTTers in it. We will not withHHold your award any longer.
    You are today’s wiNNer!

  2. everything that is in bobby’s world has to have a double letter in it for example

    1. there’s GRASS but no dirt
    2 there’s cattle but no cows

  3. This is a contradiction. The moment this law was passed, some smart a$$ pointed out that if only things with two same letters beside each other are allowed, since “law” does not have 2 letters beside each other, therefore it has to go and chaos reins again.

    Bobby, who rules over Bobby’s world with an iron fist then kills the smart a$$ and issues a “command” that only things with 2 same letters beside each other can exist there.

  4. Thank you Jasmine for your correction. Would you like to be a fellow riddle dude instead of just a contributor? Please contact me if you have some time to donate, or if you would like to see this site do more.

  5. Hey Jasmine if you are so into grammar then maybe you shouldnt correct someones grammar that is already correct.

  6. I am cystcrazy cyst over boBBys world ! So in boBBys world everything has to have double leTTers . For ex . Grass ,green ,and plenty more .

  7. I am crazy over boBBys world ! So in boBBys world everything has to have double leTTers . For ex . Grass ,green ,and plenty more .

  8. Only double letters in Bobby’s world. However, the one contradiction is “Bobby’s world” so we have renamed it “Bobby’s territory.

  9. the first need to of the same letters like there is a room but no furnature

  10. Russian congress officially announces passing laggard bills addressing three immediate issues: pollution, corruption, nevertheless, illegal immigration. Opposition applauses: Finally!

  11. There are double letters in is Bobby’s world, like mirror has two Rs, and pizza has two Zs. I’m guessing that the only things that exist are things with double letters in the word, like tree.