Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Botanical Riddles

Botanical Riddles
1. Plant which falls in love when beheaded
2. Plant which becomes cold when beheaded
3. The hexed plant
4. Capital vegetable
5. Luxurious vegetable
6. Huge vegetable
7. Fragile vegetable
8. Ringing vegetable
9. Comedian vegetable
10. Actor fruit
11. Crazy plant
12. Mocking fruit
13. Honking fruit
14. Erotic fruit
15. Dairy plant
16. Cute fruit

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9 guesses to Botanical Riddles

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  • craig

    11- loco weed
    15- cicer milkvetch

  • brent

    7) Egg plant
    8) Bell peppers
    14) Passion fruit?
    15) Milk Weed or Milk Thistle? (maybe that is the same as Craig’s pick?)

  • Crabman

    To add to others…

    1) Clover (remove first letter is akin to beheading)
    6) Jack fruit (largest fruit. They’re huge)

    may come back to this

  • brent

    Using insight from Crabman
    2) rice (becomes ice when the ‘r’ – head is removed).

  • KDJstyle

    16. Tangerine or “cutie”

  • Jasmine

    Just putting what we have so far in order-

    1. Clover (Crabman)
    2. Rice (Brent)
    6. Jack fruit (Crabman)
    7. Egg plant (Brent)
    8. Bell peppers (Brent)
    11. Loco weed (Craig)
    14. Passion fruit (Brent)
    15. Milkweed (Brent)

  • J

    1. Plant which falls in love when beheaded CUPID’S DART
    2. Plant which becomes cold when beheaded ICEBERG LETTUCE
    3. The hexed plant CURSED CROWFOOT
    4. Capital vegetable BRUSSELS
    5. Luxurious vegetable
    6. Huge vegetable JOLLY GREAN GIANT
    7. Fragile vegetable ELDERBERRY
    8. Ringing vegetable BELL PEPPER
    9. Comedian vegetable CARROT TOP
    10. Actor fruit STAR FRUIT
    11. Crazy plant BANANAS
    12. Mocking fruit TOMATO
    13. Honking fruit HORNED MELON
    14. Erotic fruit PASSION FRUIT
    15. Dairy plant MILK WEED
    16. Cute fruit PEACH

  • brent

    Wow J, good list!

    Maybe a luxurious veggie is a Yukon Gold potato.
    If the name isn’t luxurious enough, imagine it served as poutine with fresh curds, gravy and some pickled jalapenos. Yum.

  • J, you are today’s winner! I had different answers, but you had modern and interesting answers.
    1. Clover
    2. Rice
    3. Spelt
    4. Brussels Sprout
    5. Savoy cabbage
    6. Elephant garlic
    7. Eggplant
    8. Bell Pepper
    9. Bean
    10. Lemon
    11. Peanuts
    12. Raspberry
    13. Gooseberry
    14. Rose Hip
    15. Milkweed
    16. Peach