Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Change we can believe in

The other day, I was third in line at my neighborhood convenience store waiting to pay for my items. The first person in line bought something that cost $3.75. She handed the clerk a $5 bill and received a dollar and a quarter change.

Customer #2 bought two items that totaled $4.99. He paid with a $10 bill, and he received a $5 bill and one cent in change, or $5.01.

Finally, it was my turn. I placed my items on the counter. My total was $17.95. I handed over a $20 bill. The cashier started to hand me my change, and then stopped, and asked if it was okay if she gave me a $2 bill and a nickel instead of two ones and a nickel, because my change was going to be $2.05.

“Would I mind?” I said, “Not at all! In fact, I was hoping to get one – a two dollar bill,that is – with my change.”

So I received $2.05 as change. And the people in front of me received $5.01 and $1.25 respectively. The question is this RiddleDuders: What was unique about the change each of us received?

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2 guesses to Change we can believe in

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  • Glycereine

    Same president on both the coin and the bill

  • You nailed that one on the head, Glycereine!

    Each person received one paper bill along with one coin, both of which bore the likeness of the same president. Washington is on the ONE DOLLAR BILL and on the QUARTER. Lincoln is on the FIVE DOLLAR BILL and the PENNY. Jefferson is on the TWO DOLLAR BILL and the NICKEL.

    You are today’s winner!