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May 2024

Christmas and New Year’s Day

Christmas and New Year's Day
Christmas and New Year’s Day occur exactly one week apart. So a New Year’s that occurs right after Christmas should be on the same day of the week. But in the year 2020 Christmas will occur on a Friday and New Year’s on a Wednesday.

Why is this?

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3 guesses to Christmas and New Year’s Day

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  • Except not in that order. New Year’s Day 2020 will indeed fall on a Wednesday (just like Christmas Day 2019), but then 51 weeks LATER, Christmas Day 2020 will fall on a Friday (just like New Years Day 2021).

  • Crabman

    New Year’s Day for the next year follows 7 days after the Christmas of the previous year. For the Christmas and new the same calendar year, Christmas happens much much later in the year.

  • Taylor, you are today’s winner!
    In 2020 New Year’s occurs on January 1st, 2020 and Christmas on December 25th, 2020. These dates are 51 weeks and 2 days apart, not one week apart (during the year New Year’s occurs before Christmas).