Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
September 2023

Country and Capital Riddle

Country and Capital Riddle
There is a country and a capital that have the exact same amount of letters. The country and the capital have the same letters except each of them has one letter that is unique to them. However, the letters can be moved around in any order. What are the country and capital?

Thank you Hassan for your submission!

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4 guesses to Country and Capital Riddle

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  • Jasmine

    Algiers, Algeria?

  • Jasmine, you are today’s winner!
    Algeria and Algiers

  • I have problems with this wording—”However, the letters can be moved around in any order.” That is not clear. I see what you mean now that I know the answer, but it actually KEPT me from thinking correctly. I would put it this way: “Except for one letter that is unique to each word, the country and the capital are anagrams.”

  • Crabman

    I think the riddle is phrased sufficiently. I understood what it was saying, but more importantly many riddles are phrased purposefully to confuse a would be solver. To be clear: riddles are not suppose to be clear. That’s what makes them riddles.