Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
February 2024

David has been found

Thanks Dr. Stobbs for your submission!

David is walking from his house to an apple tree his father planted when he was a child, which is 170 miles away. On the way he meets a man sitting in front of a dilapidated barn, coughing softly. He talked with the man for a while about the apple tree. The man then tells David there is no way he can walk 170 miles. He carries on regardless, an hour later David collapses and dies. His body is found under the apple tree, how? (answer must be explained).

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7 guesses to David has been found

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  • Nanao Ise

    Perhaps the apple tree was weak, and wizened? And it fell on David (poor guy), literally putting him “under” the apple tree?

  • Ryver

    After dying, they decided to bury him under the apple tree?

  • JJ

    The old man is named David and He says he can’t make it 170km and dies along the way do showing David the way to the tree. David then carries his body the rest of the way and buries him there.

  • Dude

    All three are incorrect. Keep trying.

  • David m

    David had already walked a majority of the 170 miles before he met the old man. He had but 1 hours walk left before he was under the tree, where he dropped dead .

  • Crexor

    the old man was referring to himself when he said that he could not walk 170 miles.

  • Dude

    You are correct, David M.

    You are today’s winner.