Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Empty Room

Empty Room
You are in a empty room, no doors, no windows. only a table and a mirror.

What do you do?

Thank you “Nobody” for your submission!

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16 guesses to Empty Room

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  • Crabman

    So the room is pitch black? There’s no mention of a light source.

  • Nobody

    Uh, Crabman, I was the one who submitted it riddle, and I’m not even sure myself, I guess theres a lightbulb.

  • Crabman

    f I can see, the I’d break a leg off the table. Break the mirror. Use my shirt to create a handle on one side of a broken piece of glass, use it to carefully (its glass after all) carve the table leg to a point. Use the sharpened leg to make a small hole in the wall. Keep working to make hole bigger and escape.

  • Nobody

    What if you don’t have any clothes… DUH DUH DUUUUUH. Buuuut, Nope

  • brent

    Maybe the picture is a clue.

    The “room” is formed by a very small concrete wall all the way around a table, there is also a mirror to help view. It is an examination room for pets, and the small concrete retaining wall is used to contain any fluids.

    So what you do, depends on why you are in the room, but when you are done doing it, you can just step over the wall past the table and mirror and leave the room. Come back any time.

  • Nobody

    No, The picture has nothing to do with it…

  • amirtha

    let’s assume that there’s a hole.

  • Nobody

    A hole does have to do with the riddle.

  • suganes

    i will be looking at myself

  • Nobody

    Look in the mirror and I saw what I saw, use the saw to cut the table in half, 2 halves makes a hole, jump in the hole to get out of the house, shout and shout until your voice is hoarse, ride the horse to find a new home!

    It is word play!

  • Margot

    Anything you want to do………………..

  • Nobody


  • Starke

    The room is empty so your not in it

  • Starke

    Look in the mirror, then at the wall and back at the mirror to see what you saw. Use the saw to cut the table in half and join the two halves to make a whole. Put the “hole” on the wall and climb out.

  • Starke, you are today’s winner!
    Look in the mirror, you saw what you SAW, you grab the saw, cut the table in half, put the table into a whole, jump through the hole, and you are out of the room!

  • James Nicholas

    U look in the mirror and u see what u saw. U take the saw and cut the table in half. Two halfs make a whole and u crawl out the hole.