Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Goulash Law

In the official police handbook for the Springfield Police Department, there are two pages printed in Hungarian. The rest of the book is in English. None of the men or women on the Springfield police force is Hungarian. In fact, not one person in the entire city of Springfield speaks or understands Hungarian.

The question is, why does the official police manual include two pages in Hungarian. Here’s a hint: the fact that no person in Springfield understands Hungarian is one of the reasons that Hungarian was chosen.

Think you know why?

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3 guesses to Goulash Law

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  • Ice Princess

    Was there something operated involving voice commands or something that could only interpret Hungarian at the police station? This way, a felon or a criminal who got his/her hands on them wouldn’t be able to make it work…

  • Dude

    That is very very close, Ice. Check out the Category this riddle is in and perhaps you’ll find a clue.

  • Mitornimo

    I have a feeling it’s to maybe watch out for spy’s? If someone joins the police force and is able to interpret the writings, he will be in fact a spy?