Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Haulin’ Pigs

Well, this is the story of The Bridge of Tomey. In Borneo, there’s a bridge connecting two islands that’s constructed from bamboo lashed together with hemp. It’s been used for hundreds of years. Pedestrian traffic and vehicular traffic move in both directions, and the bridge is four miles long. And the bridge has a weight limit of 20 tons. So, one day, a truck pulls up to the bridge, and the officials stop him and say, we have to weigh you, because it looks like it’s going to be close to the weight limit. So, he drives onto the scale, and the truck is full of sedated pigs, pig iron, and dead chickens. With the driver in the truck, it weighs exactly 20 tons. So, the guy at the other end of the bridge gets the signal. He waves all the other traffic off the bridge. Clearly, if the weight limit’s 20 tons, they can’t allow anyone else on the bridge. So, now the bridge is empty, and this fellow is allowed to drive across. As he is crossing the bridge, a sparrow begins to follow alongside. And just when he’s a little beyond the halfway point in the bridge, the sparrow gets ready to land, and does land on the truck. What does the driver do, if anything, to keep the truck and the sedated pigs and the dead chickens from plunging into the abyss?

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8 guesses to Haulin’ Pigs

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  • Sid

    Honk loudly I suppose or since there’s no one on the bridge drive hap-hazardly for a moment or two till the birdie flies off…….

  • Nice guess, but … no. Keep trying.

  • harmony

    He has to jump out of the truck?

  • Even if he was able to not touch the bridge as he jumped into the water the driver would be miles from the shore.
    Also, not the solution to this riddle. Keep trying Harmony!

  • brent

    If he is hauling: “sedated pigs, pig iron, and dead chickens”

    And wants to save: “the truck and the sedated pigs and the dead chickens from plunging into the abyss”

    He could toss a piece of pig iron off the truck/bridge. As long as it weighs more than the landing bird he should be alright.

  • Sorry Brent that is still not the answer, keep trying!

  • brent

    O.K. what about this one…

    He just keeps driving. Since he weighed exactly 20 tons at the start of the 4 mile bridge and he’s over 1/2 way accross, he’s traveled over 2 miles hauling a load full of sedated pigs, pig iron and dead chickens. He will have burned more fuel to get to this point than the weight of a sparrow. So by this point he weighs less than 20 tons, and even with the added weight of a sparrow, he’ll be under 20 tons, and be able to cross the bridge.

  • OK, there you go. Brent is today’s winner!
    The answer is in the weight of fuel. If the trucker drove half way across the 4 mile bridge before the sparrow landed on his truck, then he had to have expended an amount of diesel during the 2 mile drive. Say the truck gets 8 miles per gallon; the sparrow would have to weigh more than a quart/liter of gasoline to exceed the 20 ton limit.