Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2023

Imagine a Duck in a Glass Bottle

Imagine a Duck in a Glass BottleImagine a duck in a glass bottle. The neck of the bottle is too small to allow the duck through. The bottle is perfectly formed and has no trick bottoms or other openings. How do you get the duck out of the bottle without damaging either the duck or the bottle?

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10 guesses to Imagine a Duck in a Glass Bottle

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  • CJS

    Just imagine the duck out of the bottle.

  • Dude

    Good answer CJS, you are today’s winner. Imagine a Duck in a Glass Bottle then simply imagine the duck outside of the bottle.

  • Jim

    Pour it out (into a glass and drink it)

  • Dude

    Quite a surreal imagination Jim. Liquid duck, yummy. I guess my imagination is ready for some Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Jim

    It works only if it is “cold” and it sparkles

  • Margot

    The duck quacked the glass with it’s bill, and got out the hole

  • Jami

    It’s not my duck, not my bottle.

  • mike.orion

    It comes out the same way it came in

  • Know One

    This may be a thought exercise, or perhaps to exercise the lack thereof, but I will choose the former and treat the question as it might have an answer.

    One lets the duck die and then the duck is no longer in the bottle, no more than a person is still in a box when they pass.

    …before anyone says it, I am a vegetarian veterinarian, so please do not try this at home. :)

  • Know One

    …I couldn’t find an edit button, but I meant to specify die of natural causes.