Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Lock Box

You want to send a valuable gift to a friend and you want to put a lock on it so nothing happens. Your friend doesn’t have a copy of the key and you need your lock back. How do you do it?

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19 guesses to Lock Box

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  • Eva

    You use a combination lock and put a note inside saying to call you when it gets there. When they call you you tell them the combination.

  • Dude

    Nope, it’s definitely a “key” lock.

    Keep trying.

  • Ice Princess

    Do you cut the lock? Then again, I presume you’d want the lock to remain intact when it’s returnedā€¦heheheā€¦

    OR you could pick the lock! Or call someone else to do it for you…

  • Dude

    Nope, no picking. Keep trying.

  • dan

    I looked this riddle up because my goggling into how SSL works reminded me of it.

    1) Send the gift in a Lock Box with your lock on it.
    2) Have your friend affix an additional lock on it, and send it back.
    3) Remove your lock and send the box back.

  • Dude

    Correct Dan. You nailed it.

    You are today’s winner.

  • Jean-Luc

    send it to him with the lock.
    He puts another lock around, and sends it back, giving you a copy of the key.
    You open your lock, and send it back.
    Now only his lock is attached, and both of you have a key

  • Ben

    It is easier than what Dan said. Phone up your friend and ask them to send you their unlocked lock. When you get it in the mail, put it on the box and ship it to them.

  • stacy_the_blonde_chick


    No, because more complete versions of the riddle say that anything sent in the mail will be stolen unless locked in a box with a padlock. Sending the key in the mail without a lock will result in it being stolen. Sending the key in a box with a lock will just bring us to square 1. Look up the “Three-pass protocol”. It is a real-life application of the process that Dan describes as an answer to the riddle.


  • sajjad

    Why cant it be this, your friend obviously knows that you want to send a gift to him , your friend sends you an open lock, you use the lock to lock your box with the gift and send it back,

  • Brenna

    okay so you send the lock box with your lock on it
    your friend receives it and cannot not open it cause it has your lock on it.
    She then sends it BACK to you with her lock on as well.
    you receive it back with now two locks on it
    you unlock your lock and send it back WITH HER LOCK STILL ON
    when your friend receives it for the second time it will only have her lock on by then she can unlock it and take what gift you gave her.

  • use a lock which uses combination , then just message the combination.


    1>send the box to your friend.
    2>your friend puts a lock on it and send it back to you.
    3>You open the lock and send the box back to your friend.
    4>Your friend opens the lock and get the gift

  • Navya

    1. Lock the box and send it to you friend.
    2. Ask him to lock the box, more like double locking and send it back to you.
    3. You unlock your lock and send it back to him.

  • amme

    you go to home depot and get a copy of the key and the send the gift to your friend separately from that key

  • Stupidbro

    OH! I know! You send him another package with the key and then tell him to send the lock back through the mail after he’s opened both packages!

  • Anastasia

    Is it younsend and she puts her kock or locks then sends it back then you take off the locks and send it back?

  • WIll

    Your friend smashes the box with a hammer and gets the gift out.