Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Max Gaetanno is on the Case

Max Gaetanno is on the Case
A man goes missing. When the police go to his house, they find him hanging from the ceiling, dead, with a puddle of water under him. There is no evidence of anyone but him being in the house recently.

How did he die?

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5 guesses to Max Gaetanno is on the Case

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  • brent

    Maybe it was a suicide, where he stood on a block of ice to hook-up his noose, then jumped/slipped off.

    By the time the police came, the ice had melted leaving the puddle of water.

  • KDJstyle

    He stood on the ice it melted and he hung himself.

  • Margot

    Didn’t we see this recently?

    He committed suicide by standing on a block of ice with the noose around his neck, and letting the ice melt.

  • Brent, you are the winner!
    He climbed on an ice block and waited for it to melt so he could commit suicide.

  • Bre Bro

    An Icicle