Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Max Gaetanno Murder Mystery

This is what Max has been told:
There are 2 men, Bob and Jeff. They met David. They were all best of friends. But one night, Bob wasn’t feeling good. So he stayed home from work. Soon he was better. The next day, David and Jeff found Bob’s dead body! There was a gun in Bob’s hand. How could he commit suicide with so many plans for the future? 2 minutes later, they talked to the boss to see if he knew. But as he opened the door, Jeff saw gray dusty stuff on the bosses hand.

Who is the killer?

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10 guesses to Max Gaetanno Murder Mystery

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  • Margot

    Too many typos…made it too confusing to even think of answering it….

  • Crabman

    No one killed anyone. The boss made a clay model of Bob holding a gun and still had clay on his hands.

  • Crabman

    For the record the “a” in “a Bob’ dead body”, may look like a typo but I read it as a clue. It wasn’t Bobs dead body, rather it was a (model of) Bobs dead body.

  • The typos did make it difficult so I worked on fixing it.
    Crabman you are on the right track, so keep trying!

  • Luca

    My guess:
    The boss killed bob and after that he put a clay model of a gun in bob’s hand so it would look like bob committed suicide.

    It is confusing as there are but few details. So imagination is the biggest part of the conclusion (i guess).

  • Crabman

    I get the feeling Bob is the boss. We only only had mention of three men.The boss is also right there, 2 minutes after going to Bobs place they see the boss. So Bob (the boss) while off sick made some art, if not clay maybe spray paint or chalk, outside his own house of him (maybe dead) holding a gun. They go to bobs, see the art outside, knock on his door and there he is.

  • Luca

    I agree with Crabman. That has to be it

  • Crabman is today’s winner, but still the vague clues did not help.
    The boss killed Bob, put the gun in his hand. Then he forgot to wash the gunpowder away from his hand. So he killed Bob.

  • Crabman

    Dude, that was the super obvious answer. I dismissed it immediately. Again, we were reading too much into it I guess

  • Ah this was a good one, i was going to guess that the boss was bob but someone beat me to it. If it’s okay I’ll share another murder riddle on your page that maybe you can, add. Let me know! Sunday Afternoon