Mind Flayers

Mind Flayers
I am an ambiguous object in the real world. A piece of matter that travels to the lowest possible point so long as I am not overwhelmed by Mu.

My name can be used to describe countless things in the universe, yet, only one word — which is also my name — can be used to describe me.

Thank you Dejan for your submission (even without an answer)!

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  1. hey i have two gueses, first of which is “nothing” and the second of which is a “vacuumn”

  2. I would predict that the answer is a seal due to the fact there is a picture of a seal on this web page thank you for your submission Dejan i appreciate your hard work this day or night depending on your location on this sphere you call home – yours sincerely Samuel Kemp

  3. Fine, I didn’t want it to be “quantum“, since it’s not a piece a matter, but that’s about all that’s left.

    So “quantum”