Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Multi Face

I am single
But have different faces
Without my bro, I have no fame

Thank you Amirtha for your submission!

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21 guesses to Multi Face

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  • Sara

    Is it a zero(0)?

  • Crabman

    I was stuck thinking of different shapes (e.g. a cube) that is itself single but has many faces (a cube has 6). But I couldn’t think of any who’s bro makes it famous. Closest I got was a piramid, when combined to another makes a diamond that might might be considered famous.

    Over and over, brother makes famous… Then it hit me! I think this might be it; Mario makes Luigi famous in Mario Bro’s. Luigi has been drawn with many different faces. Is the answer Luigi?

    PS: they don’t have a last name.

  • Sorry, no one has answered this one yet. The photo is a giveaway clue, but I am a fan.

  • Crabman

    Well, the photo is Keith Moon. He didn’t have any siblings. He was very eccentric, and I see how “many faces” could apply. Is his drum kit his “bro”, maybe the brand? One infamous moment was when his drum kit exploded on the set of The Smothers Brothersz

  • Crabman

    Many faces… rock… “bro”. Allman Bothers?

  • Crabman

    I mentioned Keith, but not the Who.

  • lucy

    A Joker? or an Actor

  • This is my first own riddle.

  • sara

    I am guessing rubik’s cube

  • I am sorry my clue threw such a curve ball. You are so close to the solution without realizing it that the answer is within your answers. Keep trying.

  • Crabman

    Musician? Artist?

  • Crabman

    Drum kit?

  • well….It is a very easy riddle…You’re getting diverted from the answer.

  • let me give a clue.It is an non living thing.

  • rockstar

    I think it is a dice,cos it has six faces and without his brother i.e the player it has no use or fame.

  • sara

    No,it can’t be dice.I think it might be a thing which has many sides.

  • Crabman

    Lol. It’s the Moon!

  • Finally! Crabman, you are today’s winner!
    The Moon

  • Crabman

    Was definaty a face-Palm moment when it hit me. I presume the sun is the moon’s brother that lights it up making it famous.

    I can imagine you being all “No. What? Wait… What have I done!?” when I went on the Keith tangent them into the annals of rock. Can you blame me? What a glorious time that must have been for music fans.