Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Ology Hit List

Astrology begins with the letter A, biology with B. How many ‘ologys’ can you think of that begin with a P or anĀ  L? The RiddleDude comes up with two common ones rather quickly, but after further thought, we can come up with at least FIFTY more. Let the list begin!

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3 guesses to Ology Hit List

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  • Boesner

    Apology, zoology, archaeology, monology, terminology, bibliology, bacteriology, oceanology, toxicology, psychology, biotechnology, climatology, reflexology, cardiology, criminology, demonology, ecology, gastroenterology, futurology, geochronology, graphology, gynaecology, histology, hydrology, ideology, lithology, microbiology, methodology, volcanology, metrology, mixology, morphology, mythology, necrology, neology, neurology, neuropathology, neuroradiology, neurophycology, paleoanthropology, paleobiology, musicology, paleoclimatology, pathology, psychology, radiobiology, radiology, sedimentology, sociobiology, technology, chronology, theology, iconology, toxicology, volcanology, vulcanology, ufology, symbology, areobiology, photobiology, osteology, osteology, hydrometeorology.

    Those are as much as I can remember

  • Boesner

    and Ill submit my own “ology” word, ology – the study of the words ology

  • Dude

    Psychology, Lithology, Psychology, Pathology, Paleoclimatology, Paleobiology, Paleoanthropology, Photobiology are good answers, Boesner. Remember, we are looking for words starting with “L” or “P.”

    Let’s keep going.