Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Puzzling Prattle

Two children, who were all tangled up in their reckoning of the days of the week, paused on their way to school to straighten matters out. “When the day after tomorrow is yesterday,” said Priscilla, “then ‘today’ will be as far from Sunday as that day was which was ‘today’ when the day before yesterday was tomorrow!”

On which day of the week did this puzzling prattle occur?

Thank you Angedevi for your Puzzling Prattle submission!

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4 guesses to Puzzling Prattle

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  • Luca


    (I tried to write down the maths that went on in my head. Yet that seemed impossible :/)

  • Crabman

    This breaks down to: “In 3 days it will be as far from Sunday as 3 days ago”

    Given a 7 day week, only one day can this statement be true: Sunday.


    Monday: 3 days forward is Thursday, 3 days back is Friday. Thursday is 4 days from previous Sunday, 3 days till next Sunday, so a Sunday is 3 days away. Friday is only 2 days away from a Sunday

    Follow that logic for each day of week and Sunday is the only day that “In 3 days it will be as far from Sunday as 3 days ago” is true: which is 3 days

  • Luca, you are today’s winner!
    The two children were so befogged over the calendar that they had started on their way to school on Sunday morning!

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