Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Reading in the Basement

Reading in the Basement
A woman was reading in the basement when her husband, thinking the basement was empty, turned off the light. The woman continued reading. There were no lamps or flashlights and the light her husband turned off didn’t come back on.

How was the woman able to read?

Thank you KaLeon for your submission!

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7 guesses to Reading in the Basement

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  • Howard

    She’s reading Braille.

  • Crabman

    If she’s not blind, and she’s not reading brail, in most most bi-level homes the basements have windows about 5 – 6 feet off the ground. I could read in the daytime in the basement of most houses I’ve lived in.

  • KDJstyle

    You’re welcome.

  • Frank

    if not braille, she was reading on a electronic tablet!

  • /Zazor

    Let’s say there were no windows, then the only thing I can think of is that he didn’t shut the door to basement because it never said he did in the text.

  • Howard, you are the winner!
    The woman was blind and reading Braille.

  • Mr. Chopsticks

    She was reading in her tablet / mobile phone.