Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024


If the man had seen the sawdust, he wouldn’t have died.


Side note: (This riddle is very similar to the albatross riddle in the way it must be solved. Very out of the box. Also, please don’t google the answer. It takes all the fun out of it.)

Thank you Kelsey for your very difficult Sawdust riddle!

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12 guesses to Sawdust

  • Crabman

    He was deaf so couldn’t hear the buzz saw. Since he wasn’t looking he didn’t see the sawdust on the floor. He tripped and fell into the say and was killed. If only he say the saw dust he would have known the buzz say was on and been more careful.

  • Great answer, but the man was short and blind. Not deaf. Keep trying!

  • Nobody

    Uh… since he was short and blind, he accidently fell in the sawdust? and he died because he fell in and it got in his mouth and nose so he got it in his lungs???? I dont know.

  • Mike

    If he were tall, would he also not have died despite not seeing the sawdust?

  • Izzy

    There was a man who lived in the circus. He got his job because he was small. When he started to ‘grow’ he got sad and killed himself. If he had seen the sawdust he would of known that someone was setting him up by making the man seem taller, this way he would of not killed himself because he would of known that he wasn’t growing any taller!

  • Crabman

    I don’t think seeing the sawdust would have saved this idiot. He has hundreds of other signs including the toilet, sink, bed, fridge, cupboards, doors everywhere, other people.

  • Nobody

    he was the worlds shortest man,Also blind, and when the second shortest man got very jealous, the worlds most shortest man was VERY VERY old, so he had a cane, the jealous man cut a bit of his cane each day, so the other man thought he was getting taller, he killed himself because he thought the show, would not accept him, therefor, if he did see the sawdust from the cane, He wouldn’t have killed himself.
    sorry if this was too long :(

  • Nobody

    Oops, sorry I didn’t include something, he worked at a “worlds most amazing people” Show, that’s why i said show :)

  • Nobody, you are today’s winner!
    The man was a blind midget in a circus who was advertised as the shortest man in the world. He used a cane to guide himself. One day his friends decided to play a prank on him so they took his cane and sawed off half of it. When the man woke up and realized the cane didn’t touch the ground he feared he was no longer the shortest man so he killed himself.

  • EmeraldEye Gaming

    The man is a midget in the freakshow of the circus. He uses a wooden cane to direct himself. His friends wanted to play a joke on him and cut off the bottom half of his cane. When the man went to use it again, and his cane didn’t reach the ground he assumed that he had grown taller and wasn’t the shortest man in the circus anymore. Therefore he thought he would get fired and killed himself. If he had seen the sawdust he would have known that it was a joke and he wouldn’t have died.

  • Tutu

    he is a migit clown who uses a cane to walk and is blind and hes fellow clowns played a prank on him by cutting his cane and the migit clown used his cane and thought he had grown because the cane was shorter so the migit clown thought he would lose his job since he isnt a freak anymore so he killed himself.

  • Frank

    HE was in a circus and his friends cut his cane because the cane was shorter and the man was blind he thought he had grown and was no longer the smallest man, so he killed himself because he thought he was going to get fired from his job. If he had seen the sawdust he would have known the cane was cut and that he was still small