Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Shopping Spree

Debbie promised to take her daughter Becky shopping on the day before the fourth day after the day after tomorrow. If today is Sunday the 3rd. On what day and date will Becky take Debbie shopping?

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5 guesses to Shopping Spree

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  • Paul

    Since Becky is probably too young to drive and thus can’t “take” her mom, Debbie will need to do the taking on Friday the 8th.

  • she will take her on sat. the 10

  • Paul, you’re almost right. We included a little play on words that you didn’t catch. However, you did get the dates right. “The day before the fourth day after the day after tomorrow” is a very fancy way of saying “three days after the day after tomorrow, which is another fancy way of saying “five days from today.” Which would be FRIDAY THE 8TH.

    However …..
    There is no way to know when Becky will take Debbie shopping. However, Debbie will take Becky shopping on Friday the 8th

    Paul, you’re today’s winner!!!!!

  • Cynthia

    She won’t. Debbie wanted to take Becky shopping, not the other way around!