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April 2024

Thanksgiving Dinner Riddle

Thanksgiving Dinner RiddleOne Thanksgiving dinner, my uncle sat me down and began to tell me a tall tale.

He said “There was once a soldier who fell asleep at his post. He nodded off and dreamed that he was in the middle of the French Revolution. In this dream he was one of the revolutionaries awaiting execution. His head was placed in the guillotine, and the blade was dropped. But just as it was about to hit, another soldier on guard, noticing that he was asleep, stuck him in the back of the neck with a sewing needle to awaken him. The soldier was so startled by this, he jolted awake and promptly died of a heart attack.”

So I ask you, was my uncle telling me the truth, or was he lying?

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5 guesses to Thanksgiving Dinner Riddle

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  • Andy

    The truth seems to be too easy and answer so:

    Your uncle was lying.

    The guillotine was only used during the French revolution to execute nobility by the revolutionaries.

  • Your guillotine factoid may be true. Sorry, a discrepancy in the details of the dream are not important to solution of the riddle. Keep trying Andy!

  • Dave

    It is stated that “my uncle sat me down and began to tell me a tall tale”. A “tall tale” by definition is fiction.

  • Margot

    No way to know about the soldier’s dream, since he died. but the uncle was neither telling the truth nor lying. I was a story.

  • Margot is the winner! Excellent answer.
    He was lying. How could the uncle know what the minister was dreaming if he died promptly when awakened?