Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

The Hungry Genius

My stomach is hollow, and I never eat. Is it because my head is full of nuts? As great as I am, I can never be better than my partner. Often thought simple, I have six answers that help explain the Universe in ways even Einstein didn’t understand.

Who, or what, am I?

Crabman, thank you for your inspired original riddle!

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18 guesses to The Hungry Genius

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  • CJS

    The Milky Way

  • brent

    The last two parts to the riddle “I can never be better than my partner. Often thought simple, I have six answers that help explain the Universe in ways even Einstein didn’t understand.” make me think a die (single dice). But that doesn’t seem related to the 1st parts at all.

  • I really like this riddle and its answer. When you know the solution every phrase makes sense.
    Keep trying! Clue: the image is certainly not a clue.

  • brent

    I’m still stumped. “my head is full of nuts” makes me think some form of government.

    The rest of the clue could be referring to matter, or some part of it, with an hollow stomach representing the void that fills most matter (and space). Never better than my partner – matter/anti-matter, electron/proton, etc. Often thought simple. “simple atom, or simple elementary particle (electron/proton) but Six answers Einstein didn’t understand – the six flavours of quarks?

    What ideas do others have?

  • Brent you will like the way the Einstein line makes sense when the answer is revealed.
    Keep trying!

  • Crabman

    This is my first “published” riddle, and frankly I’m happy with how everything seems disconnected, but when the solution is known it all fits together.

    One approach, IMO… each sentence distracts from, yet adds to, the former. Individually they get harder. Start by trying to solve the first, and then test your answer against each subsequent.

  • It is a great riddle and one of the best things about it is that you can not find it elsewhere on the Interwebs.
    Keep trying everyone!

  • Luca

    A traditional nutcracker?

  • Crabman

    Atom is a good guess. They are mostly empty, arguably never eat, seem simple and do hold answers to the universe.

    Nutcracker certainly could fit the first part.

    42 is the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything… except this riddle.

    Good thinking all. I sure hope everyone appreciates the solution when known :)

  • Sorry, not the solution.
    Keep trying!

  • Luca

    Somehow this makes me think of some kind of a statue.

  • Larry

    My first guess would be a guitar/other 6-string instrument, but the final sentence doesn’t make sense to me in that context explaining the universe.

  • Larry, you are today’s winner! You did it!
    A guitar. Hollow body, tuning nuts on the head, only as good as the performer, and 6 strings (string theory came after Einstein).

  • Crabman

    Good job Larry! You’re right that the last line certainly is distracting ;)

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