Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

This One is Rather Famous

This one is rather famous
There are two doors before you and you are obliged to open one of them. One of the doors leads to everlasting happiness but the other one leads to the most horrible hell imaginable. Each one of the doors has only a single guard. The only thing you know about them is that One of them always lies and the other one always tells the truth. But the problem is you don’t know which one is which and You can only ask one question from one of them.

How can you find the door to happiness by asking only one question from only one of the guards?

Thank you Prince for your submission!
Riddle Dude has had this riddle before, but it is a good one.

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4 guesses to This One is Rather Famous

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  • Nobody

    Take me to your home

  • stache

    Walk up to them and pretend you are blind. Ask the guards questions like “What color is my hair?” or “What color is my shirt?” whichever guard gives you the correct answer is the honest guard. Ask the honest guard which door leads to freedom and enter it.


    Since the question said “Each door had a single guard” then if single guard means that the guard was single, then you could ask them if they were single the one who said no would be the liar and the one that said yes was telling the truth.

  • stache

    Ask one of the guards “What door would the other guard point to and say is the door that leads to happiness?” Then ask the other guard to point to the door that leads to happiness. If the guard points to the one that the other guard said he would, then the guard who said what door the other guard would point to is telling the truth and since the other guard would have to be lying, then you pick the door opposite to the one the lying guard said.
    If the guards answers were different, then the guard you asked what door the other one would point to would be the liar, so the guard you asked to point to the one that leads to happiness is telling the truth and you go in the one the honest guard said was lead to happiness.

  • Stache, you are today’s winner!
    The one and only solution, at least as far as I know, is this:You must ask one of the two guards (doesn’t matter which one) this exact question:– If I ask your friend (the other guard) which one of these two doors leads to happiness which one of them he’ll point to?
    This question miraculously can only have one answer: The guard you’re questioning from will surely and inevitably point to the wrong door, that is the door leading to hell. But why? There are two possibilities:
    1. If the guard you’ve addressed is the honest one then he’ll honestly show you the door to hell because he’s telling you which door his lying fellow guard will show you as the door to happiness: Certainly the wrong door.
    2. If the guard you’ve questioned from shall be the other, lying, guard he’ll too point to the door to hell. Because obviously the other, honest, guard is going to show you the right door but he, the lying guard, lies to you about the door which the honest guard will show you as the door to happiness.As a result, in a given situation like this, you can surely and confidently go through the other door, not the door the guard has shown you because by any means that should be the door leading to your happiness!