Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
February 2024

Three Coins

Imagine there are 3 coins on the table. Gold, silver and copper. If you say a truthful sentence, you will get one coin. If you say a false sentence, you get nothing. Which sentence can guarantee gaining the gold coin?

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8 guesses to Three Coins

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  • Paul

    “a truthful sentence,” which actually is not a sentence, but if you say it you will get one (gold) coin.

  • Paul

    You say “a truthful sentence” three times, each time receiving one coin. Eventually, you would have to get the gold coin.

  • john

    you say i will not get the gold coin thus getting the gold coin

  • Ruthie Jean

    I will not receive a silver coin nor shall I receive a copper coin.

  • Dude

    You’re right, Ruthie.

    You’re today’s winner!

  • Aldous huxley

    I say a truthful sentance and await the coin awarded. If its a gold coin, i say nothing else and leave. If its a bronze coin im awarded, i quickly tell a lie and the bronze coin dissapears. I tell a truth again and im awarded a silver coin. I quickly tell a lie and the silver coin dissapears. I tell the truth and get the gold coin.