Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Troll Tip

How do you troll an emo kid?

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21 guesses to Troll Tip

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  • Crabman

    Tell him/her everything will be ok.

  • Good answer, but not the one I was looking for.
    Keep trying!

  • brent

    add an “L” and tickle them like crazy?

  • Jack

    Take away his mascara. XD

  • I’m lovin all of the answers, but it still is not what I was looking for.
    Keep trying!

  • Jack

    Tell him he is blonde

  • Nathan

    If he has gauges put a padlock on them and run

  • DK

    Tell him his shoelaces are tied.

  • Crabman

    Unless it’s a play on words or something the answer could be anything. Emo’s are so very easy to troll.

    1) Call them normal
    2) Call them different
    3) Be happy around them
    4) Be sad around them (only their life sucks)
    5) Talk to them
    6) Tell them they are never going to die.

  • Crabman

    7) Calll them a hipster. <- This for sure :)
    8) Tell them the music they listen to sucks
    9) Tell them a peom they wrote sucks
    10) Be alive
    11) Enjoy being alive
    12) Look at them
    13) Look at them like they're nuts
    14) Tell them to get the frick over themselves because they're not that important or special anyway, and furthermore every person who ever lived felt the way they do at some point. We just got over it 5 minutes later.

  • Amazingly, still no one has my answer to this one. This is not a problem. I like all of the answers.
    Keep trying!

  • brent

    With a smiley EMOticon? (although Crabman kinda said this already with his #7 answer).

  • Rieta Azura Ratnavali

    Give chocolates or sweets

  • Rieta Azura Ratnavali

    Hug the kid with love

  • Rieta Azura Ratnavali

    Ask the kid questions, so the emo kid will start thinking instead of being emo…

  • All great answers.
    Keep them coming and this one will remain unsolved until someone comes up with my answer.
    It certainly is not as funny as many of your answers.

  • Rieta Azura Ratnavali

    Peck the kid

  • Jack

    Put him in a round room and tell him to go cry in a corner.

  • Crabman

    Play Justin Beiber. Over, and over, and over.

  • brent

    Ug, that would troll anyone. On behalf of Canada, I apologize for what we have produced.

  • Jack has the answer I have and is today’s winner! Thank you everyone for the great answers!
    Put them in a round room and tell them to go cry in a corner.