Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

What Am I?

What Am I?
I am below the clouds but 3rd in line
A place to travel and see but rarely ever leave
Man couldn’t find the edge of what he once believed
Ive got you in a spin from day to day
You can use my picture to find your way
In my domain life i hold deer
I may be in orbit but you should not fear

What am I?

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5 guesses to What Am I?

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  • KDJstyle

    The earths surface to be specific. Core, middle, crust. Below the clouds. Always on it , but when we are in a air plane. Always in orbit. Third in line from the sun. Use a map. We are held by gravity so no fear of falling into space.

  • Howard, you are the winner!

  • I count *five* resources there. Anyways, taargnms (and similar puzzles). My wife was flipping through a teaching resource book and found a bunch of these, and was excited about them. Then she looked at what section they were under, and exclaimed Mathematics?! Well, why not? Geometry (angles, congruence, polyhedra), logic, Definitely looks like math to me.P.S. I second your recommendation of Rush Hour.