Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

What are the Two Objects?

What are the Two Objects
There is a farmer who has three sons. Nearing his death, he asked his three sons to find two objects that can fill the room he’s in. The one who can deliver will be chosen as his heir. So the oldest son goes to the market to get hay while the middle son go get leaves. The youngest son goes to a shop and buys two things that he put in his pocket. The oldest son’s hay only fills half the room, the middle son’s leaves fills 2/4 quarters of the room, while the youngest fills the room with his two objects.

Question: What are the two objects that the youngest son used to fill the room?

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7 guesses to What are the Two Objects?

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  • Howard Lyon

    Either a vial of eau de skunk or an air raid siren would force everyone in the room to surrender the room as too full to hold human inhabitants.

  • craig

    If he bought a radio he could fill the room with music. Hitting the light swich would fill the room with light. Cooking a meal would fill the room with nice odors. Being a good son would fill the room with love and kindness

  • Crabman

    Music and a disco ball or other light source.

  • brent

    A match – especially with all the straw and leaves. Would fill the room with smoke & fire…

  • Margot

    1. A cd or DVD player and a music CD or DVD…

    2. a harmonica, or other small instrument, and some sheet music.

    3. A small candle and a book of matches.

  • Margot, you are today’s winner!
    A match and a candle.

  • Ivy

    He buys a sheet of music and a violin. He then fills the room with music?