Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Word Play Riddle

Which of the following words does not belong with the others?

Bonk, gateman, keels, denim, raven
avid, debut, was, pins, redrawer, wolfer

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5 guesses to Word Play Riddle

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  • Crabman

    Denim does not belong.

    I wont explain why I think its this one to give others a chance to solve it. First one with explanation approved by riddle-dude can claim winner. I could be wrong, but my “guess” is not random :)

  • Raven. It’s the only word that spells Nevar backwards, and the the Sixth Earl of Nevar was a great puzzler. All of the other words spelled backwards are just other English words.

  • Jack

    Yh trevor all other words spell something backwards except raven

  • Crabman

    Lol, We all have the same reasoning, but my brain screwed me. When thinking of denim backward my brain gave me “mineb” but it’s actually “mined”. I mentally, while looking at the words, mirrored the “d” into a “b”. I’ve seen “Nevar” before, but it’s less of a word than “mined”. I’m humbly corrected.

  • Taylor, you are today’s winner!
    Raven. All of the words, except for raven, are ALSO words when spelled backwards. For example, spelling “bonk” backward will give you the word “knob”. These words are called half-palindromes, semordnilaps, and many more names.